Date: Jun 26, 2020

Home Décor for All Styles in Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Bloom N’ Things

By Lora Gates

Small home decor items like green ceramic birds, lake style ceramics in Shipshewana Flea Market booth Bloom N Things


Home Decor is on the top five list for flea market shoppers at Shipshewana Flea Market. There are over 40 vendors featuring a wide variety of items to add amazing style to your house.


Bloom N Things is one of the 40 full season home décor vendors setting up each Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 am - 4 pm May through September in Shipshewana Flea Market booths #588-590 and booth #605.


outside booth shot of flea market vendor Bloom N Things in Shipshewana Indiana


Jon LaRue and his wife Brenda have been in the market for 34 years ever since she chose to be a stay-at-home mother while having the opportunity to own and run a successful flea market business but still be involved in school functions. So on Tuesday and Wednesday, she sold at the market leaving Thursday, Friday and Monday open for the kids’ activities as well. Jon joined her after about 10 years and the rest is history.


Lake House small home decor in Shipshewana Flea Market booth Bloom N Things


Jon said that “interacting with people” is one reason he really enjoys what he does. “I get to meet people, enjoy a beautiful day and enjoy a great place to work while making a lot of good friends along the way.”


Bloom N’ Things Offers Farmhouse, Lakehouse, Man-Cave, Quality Home Décor, Kitchen and More

man cave products like red volkswagon, and other home decor in flea market booth Bloom N Things in Shipshewana Indiana


Bloom N Things occupies 4 spaces in the 700-space market. They have two separate locations around the market and one unique thing is the fact that you won’t find multiples of the same item keeping one-of-a-kind shopping as key.


Insider Tip: Don't miss a great photo opp Bloom N Things has at their space #605!

photo opp booth shot with angel wings at flea market vendor booth in Shipshewana Indiana


You’ll find similar items, but if you find something when you’re browsing and think – I’ll get that later, you might think twice when shopping here because it just might get bought up before you return. While you may find 30 clocks, they will be unique and not all the same.


kitchen clock scale and blue ceramic canister sets at Shipshewana Flea Market booth Bloom N Things


Shopping Tip: If you find it and want to buy it, Bloom N Things will hold your purchase to pick up before you leave the market, leaving your hands free for more shopping fun!

With everything from Man Cave and Lakehouse to Farmhouse including Clocks, Lanterns and Kitchen themed items, and they are always looking for uniqueness which is what they have found their customers really like too.


Vendor Tips

  • Great place to get started as a new vendor
  • Be positive and keep trying until you find out what works for your business
  • Interact with your potential customers to build strong relationships

So come on out, they always have something new and today could be your lucky day! For more ideas on planning your shopping trip to Shipshewana Flea Market, download our FREE Shipshewana Flea Market Trip Planner!



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