Date: Feb 14, 2019

How to Make a Wine Caddy Using an Old Crate

By Carlie Cripe

We've started a new thing here at the office called "The Auction Challenge." Here's how it works:


First, Anna has to find and bid on an item at the Wednesday Shipshewana Miscellaneous & Antique Auction. She tries to stick to something under $10. Then, she brings it to me (I have no idea what the item will be), and I have to re-purpose it or find a way to use it in the home or office.

Wine Caddy made from old crate


This is our first DIY project in the Auction Challenge series: How to Make a Wine Caddy Using an Old Crate!


For this month, Anna found a cute old crate at the Shipshewana Antique Auction. She bid on it, and won it for just six dollars.

Anna Camburn with wooden crate at Shipshewana antique auctionAnna with the crate from the it for six dollars!


When she brought it to me, I had several ideas, including a towel rack / shelf for a bathroom, a magazine caddy, and a wine glass holder. 


We decided to let our Instagram and Facebook followers choose between the magazine or wine caddy...and they chose the wine caddy!



Here's a material list of the items I used to make the wine caddy.

  • Wooden Crate
  • White Paint (or any color you want for inside and outside of crate)
  • Drill
  • Mallet
  • Multi-use Tool
  • 9 Screws
  • Wood Scraps
  • Various Decor

Materials to make wine caddy out of an old crate



1. Clean It

The very first step anytime you are upcycling an old piece (or using barn wood!) is to clean it!

You can use a little soap and water as well as a scrubbie brush to clean your project.


2. Build the Wine Glass Holders

These "L" shaped fixtures are perfect for hanging the wine glasses by their stems.


First, measure the inside of the crate where the hanger is going to be attached.Once you have the size, cut down your scrap pieces of wood to fit.


Next, lay the larger pieces on the bottom and the smaller ones on top. Then, screw the smaller wood pieces onto the larger ones using your drill and 1" screws (sizes can vary).


Wooden DIY Wine Glass Holders


3. Secure the Holders

Attach the hanger onto the crate by placing your first hanger in the upper corner of the caddy.


Use 1" screws to properly attach the hanger.Attaching wine glass stem holder to wooden crate




Next, make sure you get the width correct between the hangers.You can do so just by grabbing your wine glass and giving it a quick look, like I did in the picture below!


Measuring to be sure the holders fit the wine glass


Then, attach the second hanger the same way you attached the first hanger.


4. Paint

Depending on the style you are going for, you can either leave your crate the natural wood for a more rustic look, or you can go for a shabby-chic look like we did!


We chose to go with white as our outside color and gray for our inside color. 


Paint a wooden crate white


Here's me painting the inside gray! LOVE IT!


Painting the inside of the wooden crate


5. Attach a Corkscrew Holder

After the crate dried, I used an extra screw to make a holder for the wine opener. This was a complete after thought, but Anna and I both loved it so we though, WHY NOT?!


To make the holder, first lay the caddy on its side. Next, use an extra screw you have laying around, I would suggest using a short screw so it doesn't go through the other side of your crate. *Or, if you have a hook laying around, that would work perfect too!


Attaching screw for wine opener Corkscrew holder inside white crate




















6. Finish with Decor (My Favorite Step)

I like to make and decorate. Mostly, my favorite part is decorating. I absolutely love how well the neutral paint colors go with the decor pieces I chose to accent our wine caddy. 


The gold and green accents really make it POP! Honestly in my opinion, you can never go wrong with the power combination of neutrals, greens and golds.


Keep it cozy by adding a wood coaster on top, and a beautiful hydrangea puff to top if off! 


Carlie Cripe with DIY Wine Caddy


So there you have it! A cute wide caddy for your kitchen or dining room. Because, wine not?


Stay tuned for next month's Auction Challenge...who knows what we'll come up with next! 




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