Date: Oct 31, 2017

Perfect Pretzels and 12 Amazing Dipping Sauces... Only in Shipshewana!

By Lora Gates

Inside this giant red barn you'll find delicious smells, great tastes and a warm welcoming atmosphere.

Ben's Soft Pretzels red barn storefront decorated for fall in Shipshewana Indiana

Before you even get to the counter you have a chance to try a sample of one of their featured pretzels. You can also check out the Sweet Mustard and Amish Peanut Butter Dipping sauces (which are also available to purchase and take home).


amish peanut butter samples and jars

 sweet mustard dip samples


After a sample and once you’ve had a chance to narrow down what you’d like to order, step right up to the counter where you’ll be greeted by some of the friendliest “pretzel professionals” around. They will help you with your selection from a menu full of options like buggy bites, pretzel sticks, pretzel dogs and pretzel pockets (Ham & Cheese, Pizza, Meatball, Hawaiian and the very popular Chicken Bacon Ranch) and the famous Ben’s Soft Pretzel itself in original, cinnamon, garlic, parmesan or sour cream & onion. (Did you know Ben's Pretzels has been a Shipshewana Flea Market vendor serving hot pretzels to thousands of weekly shoppers for 12+ years?)smiling employee of Ben's Soft Pretzels serving soft pretzel behind food counter in Shipshewana

Now on to my personal favorite… the Jalapeno Pretzel. I really love the pretzel itself, but more than that, I love the spice of the delicious jalapeno pepper rings all glued to the pretzel with ooey gooey melted cheese!

hawaiin pretzel pockets, jalapeno and cheese soft pretzel

 If you didn’t have a hard time selecting your pretzel, you will likely have a hard time choosing from the 12 delicious dips that you can eat alone or combine for unique flavor combinations like Peanut Butter Fudge or Vanilla Caramel, YUM!

variety of dipping sauces

Finally, decisions done! Now you can find a seat in the cozy dining room all decorated with an eclectic collection of tables, old things and furniture that I would personally love to take to fill my own home. Love the antique stove, how cute and reminds me of my great mamaw Huff’s place down in southern Kentucky.

   dining room decorated with vintage tables and chairs inside Ben's Soft Pretzels in Shipshewana antique stove inside storefront of Ben's Soft Pretzels in Shipshewana


Now to eating the pretzel, the anatomy might be helpful😊 so be sure to take your pretzel by the handles and tear apart to the Base of Love for a big dunk in your dip of choice.

anatomy of a pretzel and pretzel diagram
Ben's Soft pretzels take home kits

And, if you didn’t get enough while there, don’t miss the chance to take a pretzel kit with you before you leave. Ben’s offers family packs that you can make yourself so you can enjoy the same great taste when you return home and before your next visit to Shipshewana. (Extra Note:  They also do birthday parties and provide catering, just ask them for all the details.)

Trying something new... the Meatball Pretzel Pocket and I have to say very impressed. I loved the juicy meatballs mixed in with the provolone cheese and pizza sauce all tucked in garlic wrapped in that toasty brown pretzel crust and topped with a special blend of Italian spices and seasonings. (BTW I dipped in Nacho Cheese, remember how I like the spice?)
Smiling woman sitting at vintage table with barstools inside Ben's Soft Pretzels


Prayer Requests basket on vintage stove inside Ben's Soft Pretzels in Shipshewana Indiana

And never, have I seen something like this anywhere else. If you have a prayer request you can write it down, place it in the basket and the employees personally pray for your request or they have a group of prayer partners who also pick them up and pray for you as well... what a ministry!








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