Date: Jan 12, 2017

3 Things to Do at Your Booth to Grow Your Flea Market Business

By Carlie Cripe

3 Things to do when someone enters your booth to grow your flea market business


You've found the best flea market location, you have the perfect products to sell, and you have your booth all set up. All your work is finished now, right?  Wrong. If you want to grow your flea market business and sell your goods to as many customers as possible, there are crucial steps you must take every time someone enters your booth.


These three tips will help you boost sales and keep customers coming back to your booth time and time again.


1. Be personable

A simple smile can go a long way in making a good impression and closing sales at your flea market booth. In fact, research has shown that there is a strong correlation between positive business results and smiling. A genuine and pleasant smile tells a shopper that you love what you do and you are happy to be there. Say hello and be friendly. Offer assistance if needed, but don't be too pushy and salesy either. 


If a customer asks you about a product or your business, tell them your story! Building relationships and friendships will benefit your flea market business because the shopper will remember you and tell their own friends about you. You could gain a lifetime customer just from a greeting. And always remember the golden rule of customer service - treat others as you would want to be treated!


2. Create and distribute business cards

A good way to bring more potential customers to your flea market booth is by creating a business card that displays your name, contact information and product description. Need help designing and printing a business card? There are free design services like Canva that will help get you started, and Vista Print is a good printing company that we recommend.


Once your business cards are printed, you can distribute them by:

  • Putting one in each customer's bag as they check out
  • Asking your best customers to hand your card out to their family and friends
  • Placing a stack of them near your register for people to pick up
  • Have them handy at any place where you meet new people - the grocery, your church, school, etc.


3. Ask for customer emails

One way to continue nuturing your customer relationships that you build in your flea market booth is by emailing out periodic newsletters with updates on your business or products. Email newsletters are effective tools to keep your flea market business top of mind. You could also send out coupons or advertise current sales or promotions. 


In order to build your customer email list,  entice them to sign their email address up by offering a giveaway or prize drawing. For example, if your booth sells kitchen items, you could offer your customers a chance to win a recipe book if they sign up to receive email newsletters. 


Vendors who collected customer emails frequently saw an increase in business week over week. 



Offer exceptional customer service with a smile, handing out business cards and collecting customer emails are three great ways to sell more of your products and to grow your flea market business. If you have any additional tips on what vendors should do when someone enters their booth, comment below!


Want more tips on how to get shoppers to your flea market booth? Download our free e-book, "Make Money at Flea Markets."

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