Date: Mar 20, 2017

4 Free Ways to Promote Your Markets, Shows or Festivals

By Carlie Cripe

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: As a market vendor, you live a crazy busy life.You're continuously setting up and tearing down booth displays, selling and making products, or traveling from show to show.Life is crazy, and you want to make every show worth while!


That’s why I gathered a list of 4 free ways to successfully promote the shows, flea markets, fairs, festivals, bazaars, or other one-day selling event to help grow your business and get customers to shop your booth.


Any type of promotion is great, but can sometimes be pricey. 


This list is freeand it will help you grow your flea market business.


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1. Facebook

As I talked in my last blog, 3 Reasons Flea Market Vendors Should Be on Facebook I stressed the importance of social media… specifically, Facebook. Facebook is a mega-communicator when it comes to show promotions.


Many times, show/flea market coordinators will contact you through Facebook (*ahem, IF you have Facebook) with a specific link you can share on your own page that advertises you’re a vendor at their show.


I do this very thing with our Ship-Chic and Antique Market vendors.


This not only lets people know you are a vendor at our show, but it also promotes the show to all your Facebook Friends as well.


If the show/flea market you’re attending doesn’t send anything to you, call them! See if that’s something they can do.


And if the venue doesn’t have Facebook… you can refer them to my previous blog on the importance of Facebook ;)


Another option is to make your own event on your Facebook page about the show/market.


In this feature you can list out all the details of the show and invite your Facebook friends to it. Be sure to include interesting pictures and a title that will catch people’s attention.


Make it easy for people to find you and the event-- give any and all information you have!


Want more tips and tricks for selling well at markets and keeping overhead costs low? Download our free E-book on how 3 vendors built a successful flea market business.


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2. Flyers & Handouts

Keep flyers and handouts handy! Call the venue or show coordinator for each event you are participating in. See if they have flyers to give you for handouts. Use these to promote each show you are attending to keep your customer informed.

You can also make a schedule of your whole year. Have some copy paper laying around? Great! List the dates, times and locations of each show you will be at. It doesn’t have to be big and fancy (but aesthetic appeal doesn’t hurt!) 


You can use your flyers as bag stuffer, mailers, or just hand them to everybody that comes into your booth. You could also include a special deal on the handout… “Bring this flyer for 10% off Your Next Purchase”.


Want an easy way to design your own flyer? Check out Canva. It’s an awesome, FREE (you know how much I like free!) website that helps you create any type of document like this. It’s easy to use and it has lots of pictures and fonts available for your designs.


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3. Email & Newsletters

One of the most important things you can do to coddle existing customer relationships is to keep in touch. As I stated in 3 Flea Market Customer Service Tips You Should Use When Selling at Flea Markets,

“…relationships are very important in the world of business and is an asset in the realm of customer service. Being a vendor in a flea market gives you great opportunities to meet lots of different people in one setting, on one day. For instance, is it easier to search for, find and reach out to new potential customers or nurture the relationships you already have with existing customers?”

 Yes, it’s important to grow your customer base, but keep it fat and happy by retaining existing customers. Monthly or quarterly emails or newsletters can be that touchpoint that keeps customers coming back. These people have already bought from you, they like you! That’s why they signed up to be on your mailing list. Keep your products and services in front of them each month by sending an email!

Since emails and newsletters are something that get sent out more than once a year, (weekly, monthly or quarterly) you can either send out a schedule for the whole year, for the quarter or for the month of the shows and markets you will be selling at.


Struggling with ideas on what to write your emails about? Try these:

  • Introduce new items
  • Promote items you want to sell more of
  • List your show schedule of where you be set up in the coming months
  • Give special deals and discounts exclusively to those on your email list**

**Hint: Doing something like this ^^^ will also KEEP people on your mailing list… discounts make it “worth” receiving emails!


Fall Crafters Fair


4. Free Site Listings

There are lots of websites out there that allow you to list events for free such as craft shows and flea markets on their calendar. Mostly you’ll just have to sign up by giving your email address to be able to add events. Although this doesn’t directly promote your business, it will certainly help. 


Double check to make sure shows and markets you will be attending are being advertised. If not, grab a cup of coffee, snuggle up in your favorite chair, and take a little bit of time to gather specific information about the show and submit your own listing for the event (If you want something done right, ya gotta do it yourself!)


Here are just a few examples of free-listing websites that we use for our own events. You may want to start with these:

You don’t have to post and list on every single website you come across. Find ones that are relevant and make sense to spend time on.  Don’t make it hard on yourself. Put time into it, but don’t overdo it.

As you begin exploring and trying new things, you will find your niche and what works for you.


And like I’ve said before, take a look at what other people are doing. Network. Make friends with other vendors at your shows, they aren’t competition, they are resources!


Ask what they do and what works best for them. Share ideas, scratch each other’s backs—maybe team-up and write Facebook posts that promote each other.


There are lots of different possibilities out there. Find what works best for you and be consistent with it!


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