Date: Jun 04, 2018

7 Examples of Great Booth Displays and Why

By Anna Camburn

Farmhouse Welcome Signs at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Photo above: Lily's Flower Cart, Booth 1068-1070, Shipshewana Flea Market 2018


Are you looking for some fresh booth display ideas to use at your next craft show or vendor market? I've gathered 7 photos from successful and beautiful booths here in Shipshewana.


Hopefully you come away inspired and ready to make more sales! If you're interested in more booth display tips, read our blog, 8 Booth Display Tips for Flea Market Vendors.


 1. Laura's Creative Decor, Booth 566

Lakegirl clothing, signs and jewelry at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2018


Why I love it: Good Use of Color

Did you know that the colors you use in your booth display communicate a lot about your brand and who your ideal shopper is? Use color to invite people in and to give them a sense of what you're all about. For example, if you're a fashion boutique for women, maybe using hot pink or purple is a good idea. 


The booth pictured above is all about lake decor and lake life clothing. The bright teal contrasted with the bright "beach-y" colors are used so well. I especially love the teal accent wall on the left; it adds so much personality to this booth.


2. Oil of Gladness Decor, Booth 619-620

Home Decor at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2018


Why I love it: Varying Heights

I love how this booth uses crates to hold and display their products. The crates match the vintage atmosphere and the create height and depth to the space. Plus, if you notice at the top, the vendor is actually hanging products from the lattice on the ceiling.


Creating height in your booth display allows for traffic flow as it clears up space on the floor, and it helps your booth to look more full.


3. C & J's Gourmet Foods, Booth 552 / 771C&J's Gourmet Foods Dips at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2016


Why I Love It: Encouraging Length-of-Stay

At larger markets, shoppers are on their feet constantly. One way you can attract them to your booth is by simply offering chairs or benches by your display. I even saw one vendor have a chair outside their booth, and they lovingly labeled it "hubby chair." Ha, great idea!


On a hot day, maybe you could have a fan running or even a misting station. When you encourage people to sit or get relief in your booth, you're creating a welcoming atmosphere that shoppers will surely thank you for! It also gives them more time to browse your products and BUY!


4. George the Sign Man, Booth 644

Without Music and Good Friends Signs Painted by George the signman at Shipshewana FLea Market

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2017


Why I Love It: Clear Pricing

A lot of vendors don't think about how they're going to communicate pricing when they are planning booth displays.


Personally, I appreciate when shops are organized based on price with clear signage- it makes it so easy on the customer! I don't know how many times I've actually walked away from an item I was interested in simply because I wasn't sure on the price of it and I didn't feel like interrupting the vendor if they were helping someone else.


5. Norm the Artist, Booth 591Paintings on Windows Display

Shipshewana Across the Road Indoor Market, 2017


Why I Love It: Decorated for the Season

If you have a permanent booth at a market, one of the challenges is keeping your display new and fresh so that repeat customers will want to come back. One way to change up your display is by decorating for the season. For example, in the fall, hang some leaves around your booth, or add some fresh gourds or pumpkins. At Christmas time, add some garland or new Christmas lights. 


If it's not in your budget to decorate each season, try doing a booth re-arrange to keep it looking fresh.


6. Miss Chic, Booth 607

Miss Chic Jewelry on display at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2017


Why I Love It: Great Use of Stands

Miss Chic is a clothing and accessory boutique that does an excellent job of displaying items in a way that helps customers visualize the items on themselves. 


Consider purchasing stands or wire grids to hang or display items on - especially if it's jewelry or apparel. I've also seen vendors who creatively use items such as ladders or pallets to hang scarves and other accessories on.


7. Jennifer's Nicely Spiced Olive Oils, Booth 491

Jennifer's Nicely Spiced Olive Oils at Shipshewana Flea Market Booth Display Ideas

Shipshewana Flea Market, 2016


Why I Love It: Backdrops & Greenery

A simple way to express your personality and create atmosphere is to decorate with backdrops, table cloths and greenery! I love how this olive oil booth is decorate to feel almost like you're in an Italian bistro. The velvet table cloth and the greenery at the checkout counter are create for added texture and fullness to the display.



Want more tips and ideas for making money at flea markets? Download our PDF for tricks on getting more shoppers to your booth. You can learn more about the Shipshewana Flea Market here.


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