Date: May 06, 2019

7 Home Decor Trends You'll See Flea Market Vendors Selling this Year

By Carlie Cripe

 I love finding deals at flea markets... especially whenI know I can find current home trends at a bargain price. It really is the thrill of the hunt. And I know you'll be able to spot these trends at flea markets this summer!


1. Refurbished Plastic Products

Birdhouses 2-1

Polywood, jewelry, shoes, rugs, purses... the list goes on. Refurbished plastic products are beginning to take hold. Brands like Sperry and Girlfriend Collective are beginning to make shoes and active wear from reclaimed plastic pulled from the ocean.


What I love about refurbished plastic obviously is the environmental impact it has on the earth, but also the fact that So. Many. Things. can be made out of recycled plastic materials! 


2. Wicker


From Boho-style baskets to chairs and, yes, even desks and lights. Wicker is definitely making a comeback. It's even making an impact on the fashion industry with wicker purses, shoes and bracelets!


What I love about wicker is how easily it can be painted to match any color scheme, making buying at auctions and flea markets that much more practical!


3. Milk GlassIMG_4943

The versatility of milk-glass is a-mazing. It can literally be paired with anything, and any color... but I think it looks best with the ever-popular farmhouse style with golds, greens and wood tones. 


What I love about Milk Glass is how crisp and clean-looking it is.


4. Retro


Liking the retro vibes? Whether it's funky lights, furniture or T-shirts, you are bound to find something with a funky flare at the flea market this summer. 


What I love about retro is how much kids love it too! Retro is something you can appreciate together, kids enjoy the funkiness and you love the nostalgic throw-back. 


5. Succulents

Succulent Pumpkins

No, your eyes are not deceiving you. That is, in fact, a succulent-stuffed pumpkin. Move over Jack-O-Lantern, there's a new favorite gourd in town. 


What I love about succulents to put it simply, is everything! From their easy-care routine to their beautiful color diversity. Succulents are the way to go!


6. Brass/Bronze/Gold Accents

Brass and Gold

We all thought brass and gold found its way out of our homes when we stepped into the 21st century. But guess what?! A 20 year cycle brought it right back into our lives. But the new century's brass and gold accents are way more sophisticated, warm and cozy than the way too shiny accents of the mid 90's.    


What I love about Brass/Bronze/Gold Accents is how they can really warm up a room and give off a classy color.  


7. Farmhouse Pieces 


Thanks to Chip & Joanna Gaines, Farmhouse style is a warm and cozy trend you can snuggle up with. But it's not just a trend, this lifestyle focuses on simple living and hard work!


What I love about Farm House decor is that you can buy genuinely old pieces or reproduction and it all looks good! 


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