Date: Sep 25, 2018

Flea Market Booth Display Tips: Maximize Storage & Create Vignettes

By Carlie Cripe

Hey vendors, when was the last time you tried something new with your booth display? What went well, what didn’t go well? This month, I have some great tips for you to discover, think about and maybe even implement in your own set up!

These days, hardly anything is ever black and white, except a newspaper… but even that is “red” all over (insert rolling eyes face). Sorry, just trying to make a transition into my next paragraph…


For this month, I’m blurring the lines between practical and creative. My practical tips is… well, obviously practical, but my creative tip is so super practical that it’s creative…. And you can get as creative with it as you want!


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Maximize Storage & create vignettes

Practical Booth Display Tip #4: Maximize on Storage

This, this is why Tetris was so important growing up… because when you’re working in a 10x10 space, EVERY. SQUARE. INCH. MATTERS.


Or, if you’re like Carolyn Hostetler, owner of Oil of Gladness #620, you incorporate your storage right into your display.


Shipshewana Flea Market


I love how Carolyn stores her signs.


It’s so practical and easy for customers to search through and find what they are looking for. You don’t have to go running in the back to see if you have a certain sign in blue… it’s all stacked right there for them!


Shipshewana Flea Market


Here, Carolyn uses dead air (you know, that spatial height that never gets used) to store her rugs.


Stack, Stack, Stack.


I’ve always been told, building up costs less than building out. Don’t rent two spaces if you can strategically sell and store your items using just one space by building up, and using spatial area that doesn’t normally get used.


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Creative Booth Display Tip #4: Create Vignettes


So, here’s where my “it’s so practical, it’s creative” tip comes in…


I’ve practiced writing what I wanted to say about vignettes approximately 7 different ways… and I’ve scrapped all of them. I want to make it simple and obvious, without being too simple that I miss the point.


What it all boils down to is this…


Make the customer see YOUR piece in THEIR home.


Shipshewana Flea Market 

The inspiration comes from Rick and Kathy Hundt, owners of Hundt No More #662. Rick and Kathy make and sell beautiful handmade furniture. 


This table alone is gorgeous. AND look how beautifully accented it is. Now, imagine this table without the plates, bowls, silverware and centerpiece. With nothing on it, this table is still beautiful, but risks a greater chance of getting lost in the shuffle and overlooked. BUT when staged, it's hard to overlook such a beautifully prepared setting...


It's a show-stopper.


From the sweet little deer to the corresponding wood pieces to the mismatched chairs and napkins, this vignette collectively screams "I'M BEAUTIFUL, TAKE ME HOME!" 


Shipshewana Flea Market


I was watching Flea Market Flip this past weekend, and I noticed something... I noticed that they do exactly what I'm trying to stress. They set all of their pieces up for success by creating vignettes out of each piece.




Using accents and home decor allows customers to SEE it... see how the piece is collectively complete and unified.


Do the work for your customers, instead of relying on them to imagine it in their home. MAKE them see it. SHOW them exactly how beautiful and amazing it would look in their home. Make it look so beautiful, they can't say no. 


Take some time to think about these two tips when setting up and selling at flea markets. How can you strategically store your items or create a vignette customers cannot resist?


Whether you're creative or a little more logic oriented, think about the display of your own booth and how you can continue to improve on your business.



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