5 Ways to Grow Your Flea Market Business

Jul 06, 2020


You've secured the best flea market location, you have the best-selling products, and you have your booth display looking its best. Your work is done and you just sit back and watch the sales...

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Flea Market Selling Tips: How to Use Facebook to Increase Profits

Jun 03, 2019

It's no secret - having an online presence for your small business or flea market booth is essential if you want to establish and maintain connections with customers.

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How to Get Repeat Customers to Your Booth (5 Tips)

Apr 09, 2018

Getting repeat customers to your market or craft show booth is essential to help your business grow. Of course, you want to consistently reach out to new shoppers, but don't forget to reach out to...

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6 Ways to Promote Your Next Vendor Event

Feb 27, 2018

As a market vendor, you might be thinking, “Isn’t it up to the show coordinator to do all of the marketing for my



Well, technically...yes...but as a vendor, you can do a lot yourself to...

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These 3 Tips will Boost your Flea Market Sales Dramatically

Aug 14, 2017


By selling at flea markets, you have an advantage over traditional brick and mortar businesses when it comes to customer exposure. Each show gives your business hundreds if not thousands of new...

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7 Factors to Consider When Pricing Your Flea Market or Craft Show Items

May 12, 2017

Congratulations! You’ve started your own business, created or bought product, and you’re looking for different avenues to sell. Great! But have you taken into consideration how you will price your...

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4 Free Ways to Promote Your Markets, Shows or Festivals

Mar 20, 2017

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: As a market vendor, you live a crazy busy life.You're continuously setting up and tearing down booth displays, selling and making products, or traveling...

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3 Reasons Why Flea Market Vendors Should Be on Facebook

Mar 06, 2017

Facebook...the ultimate leap into the social media world. An absolute necessity for some, a scary plunge into the deep dark abyss known as the 21st century to others. Change can be a scary thing...

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